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Proceso de Comprar un Auto Nuevo Auto Usado

El Proceso de Comprar un Auto

A penas de decidir cuál es el vehículo que más te conviene y cuál es la mejor forma de pago para adquirirlo, usted debe tomar en cuenta muchos factores. Antes de dar el gran paso de comprar un el auto nuevo o usado, hay que llegar al concesionario bien informados.

También, debemos documentarnos sobre cuáles son los mejores métodos para mantener nuestra inversión en buen estado.

Comprar un Auto Nuevo vs. Comprar un Auto Usado

Un automóvil nuevo pierde casi 35% de su valor en los primeros tres años. Por eso en ocasiones es importante considerar comprar un auto usado. Los beneficios de esta decisión son:


Borrowing Money from 401K

Many 401(k) holders don't really know what a 401(k) is. They just understand that it's a method by which they defer immediate financial gratification in exchange for having enough to live on during "retirement," a concept so far in the future for most of us that it might as well be riding a hoverbike.

Applying for a Small Business ARC Loan

ARC Loans are provided by commercial lenders and guaranteed by the SBA.  Your next step is to contact your lender who will help you determine if you are a candidate for an ARC Loan.  Questions they may ask include the following:
  1. Does your small business have an established banking relationship?
  2. Has your small business been in operation for a minimum of two years?
  3. Do you have financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement) which demonstrate your business had a positive cash flow in one of the past three years (or as long as your business has been operating, if less than three years)?
  4. Does your cash flow projection for the next two years indicate sufficient cash flow to meet your current and future loan payments?
  5. Regarding your debts, is your business no more than 60 days past due on any loan (you can be current on all your debt obligations and still qualify for an ARC Loan)?
  6. Is your business suffering an immediate financial hardship?  For example:
  • Declining sales and revenues;
  • Difficulty in making loan payments on existing debt;
  • Difficulty in paying employees;
  • Difficulty in purchasing materials, supplies, or inventory; and/or
  • Difficulty in paying rent and/or other operating expenses.