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Monterrey Mexico Business Loans

"Asesoría Dinamica a Microempresas"

ADMIC's mission is to fight poverty and unemployment in the informal economy by promoting the growth of micro-businesses. ADMIC provides access to credit and business training to those who have few other resources.

ADMIC was established in 1980 in Monterrey, Mexico, by a group of business visionaries who relied on technical assistance from ACCION. Their hope was to improve their community by promoting business development. By the second half of 1998, ADMIC launched a new microcredit program in seven of its offices, directing its outreach toward the urban self-employed with a particular emphasis on women. Close to ninety percent of this program's beneficiaries are low-income women who are part of solidarity groups, a lending method that allows members to cross-guarantee one another's loans in lieu of collateral.

ACCION has worked in various capacities with ADMIC, but of particular note, has played a pivotal role in the selection, launch and roll-out of its microfinance information system (MIS).

For the past two years, ADMIC has had an ACCION resident advisor on-site providing technical assistance and support. Recently, ACCION reconfigured ADMIC’s credit process, setting up methodological mechanisms and a framework within which to implement the new process.

ADMIC's clients represent some of the poorest people in Mexico. Many are artisans, seamstresses and agricultural workers.

ACCION recently licensed ADMIC to offer ACCION Dialogue on Business: Microenterprise Training (ACCION Diálogo de Gestiones), its fifty module training program for microentrepreneurs.

Where They Work: ADMIC's microlending program operates in 9 states through a network of 22 offices. The headquarters is located in Monterrey, Mexico.

Edificio BISA, Treviño 415
Pte. Planta Baja
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
C.P. 64000 MEXICO