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Notario Publico Mexico Abogados

Un Notario Publico Mexico Abogados

Legal education and licensing in Mexico are different from those processes in the United States. In Mexico, there are two levels of attorneys. At the first level, a student of law obtains a five-year degree in law. After passing courses and oral exams at his or her university, the prospective attorney becomes a licenciado and abogado (attorney). The term licenciado is applied to graduates of various programs of study at that level in Mexico like business administration, economics, etc not just law.

Abogados in Mexico do not take a bar exam such as the exam required of U.S. attorneys. The abogado can practice law in any part of Mexico. The abogado's powers are limited, however, and many kinds of significant legal transactions, such as transfers of real property, can be handled only by a notario público.

A "notario público" in Mexico receives advanced education and training beyond that of an abogado and has been appointed to serve in a specific geographical area within one of Mexico's states. He or she can move to work in another part of that state or to another state in Mexico only by applying and competing for another opening in that new location.