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Time Share Contracts

About Time Share Contracts - Before you sign a contract with a reseller, get the details of the terms and conditions of the contract. It should include the services the reseller will perform; the fees, commissions, and other costs you must pay and when; whether you can rent or sell the timeshare on your own at the same time the reseller is trying to sell your unit; the length or term of the contract to sell your timeshare; and who is responsible for documenting and closing the sale.

If the deal isn’t what you expected or wanted, don’t sign the contract. Negotiate changes or find another reseller.

Your Resale Checklist - Selling a timeshare is a lot like selling any other piece of real estate. Check with the resort to determine restrictions, limits, or fees that could affect your ability to resell or transfer ownership. Then, make sure that your paperwork is in order. You’ll need:

    * the name, address, and phone number of the resort;
    * the deed and the contract or membership agreement;
    * the financing agreement, if you’re still paying for the property;
    * information to identify your interest or membership;
    * the exchange company affiliation;
    * the amount and due date of your maintenance fee;
    * the amount of real estate taxes, if billed separately.

To learn more about vacation ownership, contact the American Resort Development Association. It represents the vacation ownership and resort development industries. ARDA has nearly 1,000 members, ranging from privately-held companies to major corporations, in the U.S. and overseas.

American Resort Development Association